iPads at work causing headaches for employers

As many more employees choose to go mobile, employers are increasingly concerned about how to protect their data.

Almost three-quarters of businesses are concerned by their employees’ use of their own tablet computers, such as iPads, smartphones and laptops at work, according to a new report.

A report by Timico said that 72 per cent of companies were worried about the protection of their data as more employees used their own devices. Some 61 per cent of respondents said that their data either wasn’t protected or that they were not sure whether their data was protected.

Nearly a third of businesses admitted having no policy at all on employees bringing their own devices to work, leaving them open to many problems with data security, while nearly half of directors surveyed said they had to spend some time each week resolving problems caused by missing devices.

Trefor Davies, CTO, Timico said: “There is a real hunger among employees to be able to use their own personal mobile devices and smart phones for work purposes. There is widespread agreement that mobile working is a continuing or increasing trend across the UK… With a significant gap in the security of data on even business-use devices, there is clearly a requirement for a service to better manage mobile devices whether they are corporate or employees’ own devices.”

The news comes as the Britain’s largest recruiter, Adecco, issues a warning that employers must engage with social media and new ways of working if they wish to attract and retain top talent.

Chris Moore of Adecco said: “While technology is undeniably a key enabler in the workplace, supporting improved communication and innovation, it was interesting to hear…they have seen this enabler cause a divide between employer and employee – this is a worrying trend that must be addressed if we are to really unleash the future potential of our workforce.”

The message is clear, employers who do not stay abreast of technological innovations risk harming themselves by losing out on talented employees, making themselves vulnerable to security breaches, not staying competitive, as well as plenty of other potential pitfalls.


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