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This is your chance to discuss any key topics with like minded professionals – use the opportunity to share good practice, ideas and provide answers to those with questions.

5 Responses to The Forum

  1. elaineonyc says:


    Do we need to rethink the shape of third age working in light of the changes to pensionable age and the scrapping of the default retirement age? What do you think it will look like in reality?

  2. elaineonyc says:


    Are employers liable for the actions of employees on social media sites during and outside of working hours? Give me your opinion.

  3. elaineonyc says:


    What’s your favourite social media site for marketing your business and why?

    • Twitter – as a microblog you only have 140 characters to get your message across so you need to be creative & succinct. The beauty of Twitter is that you can also reach a much wider audience by using hashtags to link to key topics, forums and discussions relevant to you and your business.

  4. elaineonyc says:

    Is HR failng to make an impact in Education or is the sector lagging behind in implementing HR initiatives common in other organisations?

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